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Dragana Rodriguez is the founder and creative mind behind the Do Re Mi Music School.  Born and raised in former Yugoslavia, Dragana expressed musical talent at a very young age.  She graduated from the prestigious Academy of Music and Arts in 1993, and holds a BA in Classical Composition and Piano.  Since Dragana’s move to Los Angeles in 1994, she has worked as a professional musician, studio musician, music teacher, and educator.  Blending her knowledge of extensive music education and her experience working with children, she created her own original, unique music curriculum for young ages, which is now fully established in numerous preschools in the LA area as part of their regular preschool curriculum.  Dragana is also a successful songwriter of children’s music.  She has written original music for children’s plays and has released four music albums and three method books for piano and ukulele, ages 3-5. Creating an original and unique musical curriculum is her true passion and, after decades of dedicating herself to her calling, Dragana feels that she just got started!

Dragana Rodriguez

Founder and Director

Do Re Mi Music School

Do Re Mi is a place where knowledge and fun are seamlessly blended in one sweet and memorable experience.  Whether your child is a natural born star or a bit on the shy side, your little one will experience the world of music through our engaging curriculum and the loving guidance of professional teachers.  Before we get to the nitty-gritty of curriculum details, let’s see how it all started!


Is it important for children to have fun?

Of course it is! It goes without saying!  But children can have fun and be offered substance, because this developmental stage is a critical window where they do not yet have a concrete concept of a topic being difficult or complicated, so can absorb it. They are simply open to anything you may offer.  Therefore, we take the opportunity to offer a curriculum where Mozart, Bach, Ellington, Satie, Stravinsky, Vivaldi, Beatles or World Music all becomes part of their daily vocabulary.

But aren’t they too young for Carnival of the Animals or jazz improvisation?  Isn’t it too complex for that age to listen to the Firebird by Stravinsky?

Well, no. When taught in a skillful and fun manner, these concepts and compositions are absorbed with ease.  In a Do Re Mi class children are not asked to sit quietly and listen to the piece -  that just doesn’t work. Kids become part of the composition by acting and immersing themselves in a rhythmic activity or body movement.  They are not asked to listen to jazz improv, they are improvising and scatting by themselves, starting with simple familiar songs and heading towards building a repertoire of jazz standards. A familiar sight we are accustomed to seeing is the look of skepticism on parents’ faces during a Do Re Mi presentation at their school’s orientation, only to receive feedback months later on how their child is using the Surprise Symphony to play games with their siblings, or salsa dancing at home to Celia Cruz. Parents are usually in awe when they discover that their little ones are absorbing the whole rainbow of musical sounds, and that all the styles (classical, jazz, country, and world music to name a few) are easily recognized by them and are becoming part of their daily language.

After the first year of development, our Do Re Mi Music Appreciation class was created and has evolved into what it is today. We can say with confidence that we’ve got it down!

After seeing how positively Do Re Mi Music Appreciation classes musically influences young minds, we decided to take it a step further. Understanding the developmental stage and children's desire to play an instrument, led to a whole new level of Do Re Mi Curriculum. Frequent inquiries for piano lessons at a very young age inspired the creation of age appropriate Do Re Mi for Piano group keyboard classes. Frequent inquiries about guitar lessons in-turn inspired Do Re Mi for Ukulele group classes, which are more age appropriate for children than guitar. The ukulele is easier for kids to hold and serves as a great preparation for guitar lessons later on. The curricula for both group instrumental classes were developed from scratch. They consist of method books, original songs, exercises, lesson plans, and a fully supporting methodology. Our group instrument classes are focused on musical terminology, rhythm, reading, and command of the instrument chosen.  

If you would like to have Do Re Mi classes at your preschool,

please contact us and we will gladly schedule a demo class at your school.


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